La Aurora 120th Anniversary, among the best Dominican cigars of 2023

La Aurora 120 Aniversario entre los mejores de 2023

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Our recently released La Aurora 120th Anniversary has already been placed in the rankings of specialized magazines of the best Dominican cigars of 2023. ‘Cigars Lover Magazine’, which ranks it as the fourth best Dominican cigar of the year in its Robusto format and awards it 92 points, describes it as bold and flavorful.

“La Aurora is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year, and to commemorate the historic occasion, they have introduced a new regular production line. This Dominican puro is bold, flavorful, and full-bodied, with all these attributes in perfect harmony, resulting in a very well-balanced smoke,” summarizes the magazine in its review.

La Aurora 120 Aniversario, cuarto cigarro del año

And the magazine adds about the smoking of La Aurora 120th Anniversary: “It begins with intense black pepper and espresso aromas. Later on, walnut, leather, and balsamic nuances are added, accompanied by a light sweetness that occasionally comes through. The finale is spicy, leaving a pleasant and satisfying aftertaste”.

To compile this ranking, the experts of ‘Cigars Lover Magazine’ once again select those cigars that have obtained the highest score among the cigars tested during the year in blind tastings and reviews. These products are then tested once again in a new blind tasting, which means not knowing what they are during the tasting. The test results are then compared, and the Top 5 are created, as detailed in the publication.

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