La Aurora 120th Anniversary and La Aurora Escogidos presentation in Madrid

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The official presentation of La Aurora 120th Anniversary and La Aurora Escogidos was recently held in Madrid. In an event organised by La Aurora Cigars’ Director of Marketing and Sales for Eurofrasia, Gustavo Velayos, in the presence of La Aurora’s president, Guillermo León, both cigars were presented and tasted.

The event was attended by the main tobacconists of the Madrid region, who were able to learn all the details about both cigars, both the process prior to their creation and the characteristics of the two cigars. At the event, both Don Guillermo and Gustavo thanked the attendees for their presence, applauded the support they have always shown to La Aurora and valued that the tobacco industry also allows to meet people and make friends.

In particular, the president of La Aurora highlighted the support given to La Aurora by the tobacconists in attendance and the friendship they give him personally. “That affection and smile you always give me when we meet is priceless to me,” he said.

The blends of the two cigars are made of Dominican tobacco.

As for the cigars presented at the event, Don Guillermo explained that La Aurora 120th Anniversary initially had an American blend, in the sense that many tastings and focus groups were held there. In the end, the company opted for a cigar with a 100% Dominican blend. “It is a cigar that represents our 120 years of history. I would be very grateful for the support, as always, that you give us,” he concluded.

For his part, Gustavo Velayos explained that La Aurora Escogidos is a cigar that was initially launched in the Asian market a few years ago, where it has performed very well. “La Aurora is one of the best-selling brands in Asia and La Aurora Escogidos is the best-selling La Aurora product line in Asia,” he explained. He added: “Now we have taken the decision to launch it in Europe building on the experience we have had in other markets”.

The La Aurora 120th Anniversary has a blend of Dominican tobaccos: Havana 92 Dominican wrapper over a binder of Olor del Valle del Cibao and a filler of Corojo, Olor del Valle del Cibao and Piloto Cubano del Valle del Cibao tobaccos. Available in boxes in four formats: Robusto (5×50), Toro (5 ½ x 54), Gran Toro (6×58) and Churchill (7×47) is a smoke that starts with cedar aromas from the cigar’s ageing, which are accompanied by smoky hints of cinnamon with pepper and aniseed. As the smoke progresses, sweeter notes emerge, with cocoa and coffee flavours evolving into soft hints of vanilla. The finish is then enriched by sweet nutty flavours and subtle notes of wild honey and earth.

In addition, there is a limited edition, also made entirely with Dominican tobaccos. This limited edition cigar is the perfect celebration of La Aurora’s long history, our roots, our expertise and our passion for the highest quality tobacco and attention to detail.

La Aurora Escogidos is a cigar with a balanced strength, medium to full body. Its blend is made up of Dominican tobaccos in filler, binder and wrapper. Its smoke offers woody notes, with roasted hints of creamy coffee. These are joined by sweet and spicy flavours, with hints of hazelnut and walnut. It is produced in four formats:

  • La Aurora Escogidos Short Robusto (54 x 4)
  • La Aurora Escogidos Robusto (50 x 5)
  • La Aurora Escogidos Toro (52 x 5 7/8)
  • La Aurora Escogidos Gran Toro (54 x 5 ¾)

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