La Aurora 115 Aniversario, pick of the week by ‘Cigar Journal’

La Aurora 115 Aniversario en Cigar Journal

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La Aurora 115 Aniversario has been chosen by the publication ‘Cigar Journal’ as its pick of the week. The magazine, which awarded 91 points to this commemorative cigar, chose the Robusto format as its selection for the week of March 6th-12th.

The earthy and woody aromas are supported by spicy flavours. “Tart roasted aromas, chilli spice and sweetness (liquorice, cocoa), cloves and fruity notes give the cigar an exciting profile,” the magazine underlines.

This cigar is composed of tobaccos from Ecuador in the wrapper and Brazil in the binder, and from the Cibao Valley (Dominican Republic), Nicaragua and Brazil in the filler. The smoke starts with strong notes of black pepper, evolving into hints of cinnamon and walnut. It also exudes citrus flavours and creamy woody notes.

This is not the first time that ‘Cigar Journal’ has proposed one of our cigars as cigar of the week. For example, in November 2021 our  La Aurora 107 Nicaragua in Robusto format was chosen for the selection.

It awarded our cigar from the Tobaccos of the World collection a score of 92. The authors of the review noted that its smoke is “pleasant, fresh and creamy”. They pointed out notes of bitter chocolate and coffee and various spices. They called it an “exciting, diverse and harmonious” cigar.

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