La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, Top 2 in the Cigars Lover Awards 2020

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, Top 2

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La Aurora 107 Nicaragua in Robusto format was selected as the second-best cigar of the year in the category of cigars manufactured in the Dominican Republic at the Cigars Lover Magazine Awards 2020. In addition, our cigar has received a 93-point rating from the magazine’s experts.

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua is part of the Tobaccos of the World Collection, as the magazine points out. “This series highlights several tobaccos from different countries, and this cigar is made exclusively with leaves grown in Nicaragua,” the publication notes. It was introduced in the market this year.

According to Cigars Lover Magazine, it is an “intense, balanced and harmonious” cigar. “The vegetable and roasted notes of the coffee beans are followed by aromas of spices, among which white pepper stands out. Then, there is an intense note of seasoned wood, enriched with cocoa nuances,” it underlines

How are the winning cigars selected, including La Aurora 107 Nicaragua?

For these awards, the magazine’s experts perform another selection of the best-ranked cigars tested during the year in blind tastings and reviews. These products are tasted again in a new blind tasting, so that participants do not know which is which during this new tasting. The test results are then compared and the Top 5 are selected. After this process, the magazine’s panel has selected our La Aurora 107 Nicaragua among the best.

Since 2015, Cigars Lover Magazine has been focusing on the homelands to give all cigar-producing countries adequate space, the magazine explains. “As of 2018, the Top 5 was paired with the TOP 50, which lists the 50 best cigars without distinction of origin,” it details. Along with the best brands, best buys and best boutique brands, this list of cigars will be published in the 2020 winter edition of Cigars Lover Magazine.

2 thoughts on “La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, Top 2 in the Cigars Lover Awards 2020

  1. Gary Giangreco says:

    As a long time fan, and smoker of the La Aurora brand, this honor and distinction does not surprise me. I bought my box of 107’s way before the findings of the two cigar journals listed, and was expecting a very good cigar. What I received was an excellent cigar! Normally I prefer a maduro cigar but these sticks have all the flavor and complexity that I enjoy! Salute to you, La Aurora!

    • La Aurora Cigars says:

      Dear Gary. Thank you very much for your beautiful comment. We celebrate that you like our cigars and, especially, La Aurora 107. We hope you continue enjoying what we do with such passion. Good smokes!

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