La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Robusto scored 92 points by “Smoking 7”


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Our latest release, La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, has received 92 points from the experts of the “Smoking Seven” blog. In the review, published last August 25 about the Robusto format (5×50) of the cigar, the authors say that it is a cigar for intermediate and expert smokers and that it meets their expectations.

“From its presentation to the cold smells, it announced what was to come,” these specialists say in their review. Specifically, their organoleptic analysis of La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Robusto—belonging to the “Tobaccos of the World” collection—is:

  • Balance: harmonious
  • Aromatic structure: excellent
  • Taste variation: good
  • Finish: long
  • Taste quality: excellent

Silki wrapper with immaculate appearance of La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Robusto

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua en Smoking 7

In their description of the cigar, they speak of a “light red silky wrapper, brilliant and immaculate appearance, thanks to its excellent manufacture.” In addition, they point out that it has “intense cold smells of spices, leather, wood and citrus, giving it a sweet sensation.”

As for the smoke, divided into thirds, they enjoy “pleasant spicy notes and a harmonious sweet-salty combination” on the palate during the first third, in which they feel a medium strength. They also notice an “intense woodsy feel,” with spicy, toasted notes and light citrus hints.

In the second third, the reviewers perceive an increase in the strength of the cigar to medium-strong. As for the notes, they feel the entry of floral hints that join those already present of spices and peppers. In their opinion, a leathery feel also emerges and the salty hint is accentuated.

Finally (last third), the cigar becomes strong, maintaining its floral, spicy and peppery notes, with the reappearance of wooden and citrus notes, according to “Smoking Seven.” At this point, the authors of the review receive toasted notes and bitter cocoa. In this last third, the presence of the sweet hint rises, being “in constant harmony with the salty hint during the smoke.

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