La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, in the Dominican press

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua

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The Dominican Republic market positively welcomed our latest release, La Aurora 107 Nicaragua. A good example of this is that different media have echoed the introduction of this new cigar to the local market last July.

For example, “Mercado” magazine published an article on the Tobaccos of the World collection early in July. The collection includes La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, as well as La Aurora 107 (Ecuador), La Aurora 107 Maduro (United States) and La Aurora 107 Cosecha.

The magazine details the reason for creating this collection: “It is a journey that will take the Premium Cigars consumer to the origins of their wrapper tobaccos through the organoleptic characteristics they possess in the smoke”.

As well as the tasting notes: “It begins with a variety of spicy notes, particularly cinnamon, accompanied by a subtle touch of leather. Later,
during the smoke, flavors of earth, wood and floral notes emerge, joined by sweet notes of vanilla and honey, with nuts at the end”.

It also includes the words of the president of La Aurora, Guillermo León, on the reason for creating “Tobaccos of the World”: We have worked for many years with cigars from different origins, such as those from Brazil, Africa, Ecuador, Nicaragua and, of course, from Valle del Cibao. Therefore, we have decided to create this collection.”

Manuel Inoa’s words for ‘Smoking Seven’

In turn, the blog “Smoking Seven” also published in July an article on the release of La Aurora 107 Nicaragua. Besides explaining the characteristics of the Tobaccos of the World collection and all the details of the new cigar (blend, formats, tasting notes…), it informs the cigar was presented to the Dominican market virtually by our master blender, Manuel Inoa.

In addition, the article includes a message from Manuel Inoa to the readers of “Smoking Seven”. Our master blender talks about the usefulness of new technologies in these times of pandemic and how the new tools have helped us to communicate and make our new cigars known.

“The whole La Aurora team, headed by Guillermo (Leon), has ordered that the new releases be made virtually to keep us all safe and sound at home and to avoid contamination. So, I urge you to stay in quarantine until we can find a cure for this,” says Manuel Inoa in the “Smoking Seven” article.

Give the smoker an authentic experience

On the other hand, the magazine ‘Cigarro Dominicano’ published an article in its July 24th issue about La Aurora 107 Nicaragua. In the text, written in two versions -Spanish and English-, the reason that led us to create the ‘Tobaccos of the World’ collection is detailed.

La Aurora since its begining in 1903 has always focused on giving the adult smoker an authentic experience. As a continuation of this philosophy, the collection is born ‘La Aurora 107: Tobaccos of the World’,” explains in its article.

After describing the characteristics of La Aurora 107 Nicaragua and its tasting note, the authors of the magazine highlight how well this cigar pairs with our rum. The sweet notes of vanilla and honey with walnut that emerge at the end of the smoke are accentuated “when paired it with E. León Jimenes 110 Aniversario rum,” says ‘Dominican Cigar’.

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