La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, Dominican Republic’s ‘Best Value’ pick at the 2022 Cigar Trophy Awards

Cigar Trophy

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La Aurora 107 Nicaragua has been granted an award in the category of ‘Best Value’ in the Dominican Republic at the ‘Cigar Trophy’ awards organised every year by the magazine ‘Cigar Journal’. The award ceremony was held at the Intertabac trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories, which takes place every year in Dortmund, Germany (excluding for the last three years when, because of the pandemic, they have been held virtually).

The award given to our Tobaccos of the World cigar line was collected by Planning and Logistics Manager, Hermes Rojas, who, on behalf of the entire La Aurora team and the León family, thanked the members of ‘Cigar Journal’ and the consumers for the award.

“It’s a great honour,” said Hermes Rojas as he collected the award. He also had a few words of recognition for all the people behind the award, as well as the people behind the cigar, such as the cigar rollers. “They get up at 4 or 5 in the morning to make it possible. For all of them, thank you very much,” he concluded.

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua

In the 2022 edition of the ‘Cigar Trophy’, La Aurora 115 Aniversario was also nominated in the category of ‘Best Cigar’ in the Dominican Republic. In addition to the fact that our cigars have been nominated on other occasions, this is also not the first time that one of our cigars has been a winner.

For example, La Aurora Cameroon 1903 was the winner of the Dominican Republic’s ‘Best Value’ category in 2021. That year, La Aurora 107 Ecuador was also nominated in the Dominican Republic’s ‘Best Brand’ category and La Aurora ADN Dominican (in Churchill format) was nominated in the Dominican Republic’s ‘Best Cigar’ category.

A ‘Best Value’ with selected tobaccos exclusively of Nicaraguan origin

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua belongs to the Tabacos del Mundo collection. It is a journey hand in hand with our most international brand, La Aurora 107, which will take the Premium cigar consumer on a journey through the organoleptic characteristics of the tobaccos that identify the La Aurora 107 lines according to the origin of the wrapper.

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua is produced in five formats (Churchill, Gran Toro, Toro, Robusto and Belicoso) in boxes of 20 units. Its name alludes to the origin of all the tobaccos that make up its blend.

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