La Aurora 107 Nicaragua and León Jimenes among the ‘Best Buys’ of 2022

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Our cigars La Aurora 107 Nicaragua in Robusto format and León Jimenes number 2 have both made an appearance in the list of the ‘Best Buys’ of 2022, put together by the magazine, ‘Cigar Journal’.

More specifically, the magazine’s experts placed La Aurora 107 Nicaragua Robusto (50 x 5″) on the list of the best cigar buys with a rating of 92 points. This cigar belongs to the Tabacos del Mundo line. Its blend consists exclusively of Nicaraguan tobaccos in its wrapper, binder and filler.

With a strength of 8.5 out of 10, its smoke starts with a wide variety of spicy notes, accompanied by a subtle touch of leather. Hints of earth, wood and floral notes emerge throughout the smoke, which are finished off with a dash of liquorice and walnut.

In the case of our Leon Jimenes number 2 (47 x 7″), it has been rated as one of the best cigar buys of 2022 with 90 points. This cigar is milder than the previous one and offers notes of wood, cocoa and dried fruits. Its smoke is very creamy.

The publication makes this list by analysing all of its blind tastings of the past year to help cigar lovers who are looking for the best cigars at the best price. In their review they highlight cigars that have received particularly good reviews and are offered at a much lower price compared to others that are of the same rating.

León Jimenes

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