La Aurora proudly announces the launch of the 2024 Best-Selling Sampler Pack. Exclusively for the United States market. This package offers enthusiasts an exclusive selection of ten highly-rated cigars, showcasing La Aurora’s best-selling blends. From mild to intense flavors, this collection features two Toro cigars of each of the following blends:

  • 120th Anniversary
  • 107 Nicaragua
  • ADN Dominicano
  • Cameroon 1903
  • Connecticut 1987

The box containing the cigars is a work of art itself, paying tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Santiago de los Caballeros. It is adorned with drawings of iconic Dominican figures: a couple dancing the traditional merengue under the Restoration Monument, the vibrant carnival lechón of February with its distinctive masks, the national bird La Cigüa Palmera, and representations of cocoa fruits, coffee beans, and tobacco plants, symbolizing the agricultural wealth of the region. Also illustrated is a farmer working in the fields and the facade of the original factory, all under the radiant sun, encapsulating the essence of Dominican pride and tradition.

Explore La Aurora’s best-seller cigar collection and discover why these are favorites among the most discerning customers. It is an ideal choice for both seasoned aficionados and beginners. This Sampler offers the perfect solution for those unsure of their preferences or open to new experiences.