How to light a cigar

Encendido del cigarro

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To fully enjoy a cigar, its lighting is also key. Our Brand Ambassador, Wascar Aracena, explains how to do it the right way.

First of all, is knowing that there are many methods and tools that can be used to light a cigar. There can be single and multi-flame lighters. We can use matches as well as cedar sheets and spills. In this case, Wascar Aracena shows how to light a cigar with a single flame lighter.

“With our cigar already cut, we can proceed to light it. Focus on controlling the foot of your cigar, make it visible for yourself”, he explains.

The second theme is controlling the flame. “Approach the cigar with it carefully. Mind the blue flame and avoid its contact with the cigar. Its high temperature will char the tobacco and make it bitter. Focus on making the burn even and constant by either rotating the cigar or the flame. Now we can see a uniform burn at the foot of the cigar. This is what we want. Now, we are ready to draw. And there we have it”, he details in this video.

And he concludes: “There is no time to beat when lighting a cigar. Be patient!”.

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