How cutting the cigar?

Cortar un cigarro

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A crucial step in enjoying a cigar is the cut. A well-made cigar can be completely ruined before it is even lit with improper tools or technique, and mastering the art of cutting can prove to be the difference. A good expert in this art is La Aurora Cigars President, Guillermo León.

Guillermo León considers a two-blade guillotine cutter to be the ideal tool because of its consistent stability, despite requiring a slight amount of skill compared to other types of cutters. The height of the cut is also key, as going too high or too low can have repercussions.

Cigarro cortado

Cutting deep into the cigar’s shoulder can cause the wrapper to unravel and completely ruin the smoking experience. While cutting too close to the head will restrict air flow and limit the quantity and quality of flavor that reaches the smoker’s palate.

In this video from the ‘Big Brands’ television show from Telesistema (channel 11) that was broadcast a few years ago, the La Aurora president shows exactly how it’s done with a hands-on approach.

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