La Aurora Hors D’Age 2017 and La Aurora Puro Vintage 2007, in ‘Cigar Journal’

Hors D'Age y PV

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Our La Aurora Hors D’Age 2017 cigar occupies a space at the top of the cover of the autumn edition of the specialized magazine ‘Cigar Journal’. An image of two of these cigars, along with the logo of the company and with the phrase “the most important part of any blend is time” announced that the magazine will talk inside about this extra aged cigar.

Within the magazine, with the heading of ‘New and Limited’, is published a text about La Aurora Hors D’Age 2017, but also about La Aurora Puro Vintage 2007. Under the title: “The New Harvest Leagues of La Aurora”, the characteristics of both cigars are described.

“With a surprise launch this year, La Aurora, the oldest Dominican cigar manufacturer, is releasing two special cigars: the Puro Vintage 2007, as well as the new Hors D’Age 2017 Limited Edition. Both editions are the so-called vintage cigars –only mature tobaccos from a single year were processed for their production”, explains the article.

And it continues: “The Puro Vintage 2007, part of a series that is extended each year, consists of tobacco leaves from the 2007 harvest. Only 60,000 cigars in a Salomon format (6 ½ x 50 / 165 x 19.8 mm) are available worldwide. USD 22.00/cigar”.

As for La Aurora Hors D’Age, ‘Cigar Journal’ stands out in its text: “The tobaccos processed for the new Hors D’Age come from the 2006 harvest, and are thus about twice as old as leaves that are used in the regularly produced lines. In the fall, 60,000 cigars in a Toro format (6 x 50 / 152 x 19.8 mm) are coming to the market for USD 20.00/stick”.

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