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La Aurora aparece nuevamente en TopBrands Dominicana 2016. Nuestra compañía ha sido tres veces ganadora de forma consecutiva (ediciones de 2010, 2013 y 2016) lo que proporciona una idea sobre lo bien valorada que está nuestra firma en la industria. Topbrands valora aquellas marcas excepcionales que se distinguen como “superbrand” dándoles cobertura en esta publicación que tiene diversas ediciones internacionales. Destaca también que esta selección es un mensaje para los consumidores que saben que están comprando la mejor marca en su categoría. Celebremos, que una vez más, La Aurora es una Superbrand en la edición TopBrands Dominicana 2016.

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La Aurora will donate 11 cents

La Aurora will donate 11 cents for every picture received by social media to the fight against diabetes

La Aurora celebrates 111th Anniversary with their “Become part of the family” campaign geared to help a good cause

All the money will be donate to the “Patronato de Lucha contra la Diabetes de Santiago de los Caballeros”, a local institution against diabetes disease

One picture, eleven cents: #LA111th. La Aurora turns 111 years old today and wants to celebrate with all the smokers in the world, inviting them to toast with Guillermo and Michelle León in such an special date for us. The target is to collect funds for one of the social programs supported by La Aurora. For every picture received by our social media, we will donate 11 cents to the Patronato de Lucha contra la Diabetes de Santiago de los Caballeros, a local institution that fights against diabetes disease. La Aurora will also use all the pictures received to adorn their tabaquería, in the factory, in an effort to make everyone feel part of La Aurora Family. The campaign “Become part of the family” invites everyone to have their own picture hung in La Aurora’s facilities and we want to fill it all!

La Aurora is a family and we want to invite all our friends from all around the world to join our family this very special day in which we accomplish 111 years of history“, said Guillermo León, president of La Aurora. “We want to share the joy of this celebration with all our employees, with our international distributors, with the tobacco shops and with all smokers and friends, with a double challenge: fill the factory walls with the pictures of so many friends and make a generous contribution to the research of such a cruel disease as diabetes“.

The hastags that will be used to collect the pictures, in Twitter, Facebook ( and Instagram are #separtedelafamilia #uneteal111, #becomepartofthefamily #joinus111 and #LA111th.

La Aurora’s commitment is to keep everyone informed about their progress and the evolution of the factory walls.

About La Aurora Cigars 

La Aurora is the original cigar factory in Dominican Republic. Its master craftsman roll the best quality premium cigars since 1903, 111 years ago today. Located in Santiago de los Caballeros, the premium cigar capital of the world, La Aurora is a family owned company headed by Guillermo León, a fourth generation tobacco artisan, and is a symbol for all the Dominican people.

About the Patronato de Lucha contra la Diabetes

Between 8% and 10% of the global population is affected by diabetes, a disease that has turned into a world health problem, as it is not about social or economic level to develop it. Till now, there has been no programs to prevent and educate people about the fight against this disease in Dominican Republic nor to help people affected by it. Known as the “Epidemic of the century”, this disease has no cure and its treatment costs are very high.

The Patronato de Lucha Contra la Diabetes de Santiago is a NGO created to help and service people affected by diabetes with poor economic resources in Cibao Region.


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La Aurora Untamed

The untamed face of the Dominican Lion.

La Aurora Cigars, the most ancient Dominican cigars manufacturer, presents their most modern line: La Aurora Untamed.
An innovative development, which is the result of 14 years of work, by the master blenders of La Aurora. La Aurora’s lion shows with a cigar of very high strength, their wildest side.

La Aurora Cigars presents their last creation, La Aurora Untamed, amidst the celebration of the IPCPR 2014, the most important fair at international level within the world of premium cigars, in Las Vegas from the 19th to the 23rd of July. ” Untamed”, is the result of the hard work of the master blenders of La Aurora, whom, have been during the past 14 years, working with tobacco selected specifically for this ambitious project: whose goal is to reach the most demanding customers with unique and well-leveled flavor and fragrance.

La Aurora Untamed recreates a modern and new image, never before used by La Aurora Cigars. The Lion, a symbol of their house since its birth in 1903, shows itself untamed, strong, a symbol of those 14 years of team work at La Aurora, mainly for Mr. Manuel Inoa, the master blender at La Aurora.

Since the year 2000, the tobacco masters at La Aurora have selected different types of tobacco that form the Untamed mix, testing tobaccos in search of the best smoke. Thanks to the collective effort of its team, La Aurora, has been able to tame harmony, combining four different tobaccos with a Broadleaf Connecticut wrapper, ripe, perfect, soft,  and brilliant, thanks to its double fermentation.

One of the goals of the team at La Aurora, was to include in this mix, the Dominican seed Cuban Pilot, one of the most appreciated tobaccos in the Cibao Valley, but rarely ever used due to the rigorous care that is required for the cultivation and sowing of it. With Cuban Pilot within its mix, La Aurora Untamed presents itself as a cigar with a 100% Dominican heart.

A rigorous process

Presented within the quality standards of La Aurora, La Aurora Untamed is the result of 14 years of work. Even though the project was presented in 2000, in wasn’t until 2008, 8 years later, that the first samples were taken to the smokers panels.

The criticism was good, but La Aurora is known for their rigorous processes and strict quality control within all their tobaccos, therefore, even though there were good reviews from the consumers, it was decided to let the cigars mature after already being elaborated for five years more, so that they could reach its maximum point.

The result of this demanding process, is a cigar of high strength, full of flavor, with rich notes of wood, cedar and oak, complimented with coffee and dried fruits notes, such as almonds, and some citric. The oily and dark wrapper gives a delicious and complex final touch to the cigar.

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