Cigars to give as gifts this Christmas (part 2)

Regalos navideños

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A few days ago we published a list of thick and/or long cigars for your loved ones who appreciate this format. In order for you to get your Christmas gifts just right, we want to continue helping you with more ideas to satisfy any Premium cigar lover.

If you don’t quite know what kind of flavours, aromas and notes your relative or friend is looking for in their smokes, you could play it safe and opt for an assortment from our different lines:

  • La Aurora 1903 Edition Preferidos Parejo: six cigars with different blends, ranging from medium to high strengths. Available in three formats: Robusto (5 x 50), Corona (5.5 x 42) and Toro (5 ¾ x 54). They are covered by a variety of wrappers including wrappers from Ecuador, Brazil, Connecticut, Cameroon, Corojo.Preferidos Parejo
  • La Aurora Original Blends: four cigars with special blends and in many formats to choose from, depending on the preferences of the smoker to whom you are gifting them to. They all bear the name of the wrapper in their name and the year in which we started to produce this special blend.
  • Tobaccos of the World: this line of cigars is a journey through our company’s most international line of cigars, La Aurora 107. Tasting its cigars takes the cigar lover into the organoleptic characteristics of the tobaccos that identify each one of them according to the origin of its wrapper. The options we have to choose between are: the La Aurora 107 Ecuador, with a beautiful sun-grown Ecuador wrapper and available in ten different formats, our La Aurora 107 USA, with a Broadleaf wrapper from the United States and made in six formats, and last but not least the La Aurora 107 Nicaragua, made exclusively with Nicaraguan tobaccos and available in five formats.
  • Another varied choice of aromas and flavours is to choose several cigars from the Leon Jimenes line. You have the possibility to choose from the 12 formats in which the Leon Jimenes Connecticut is available, with a strength of 6.5 out of ten. Flavours of wood, cocoa or dried fruits come through in the smoke. You can also choose one of the seven vitolas of León Jimenes Doble Maduro, with a little more strength than the previous one, thanks in part to its tobaccos aged for at least three years. Black pepper, tropical fruits, chocolate and nuts are some of the flavours you can taste when smoking it. Leon Jimenes Prestige is also in this line, milder than the previous ones and in thinner formats. Cedar, leather, cocoa, dried fruits, cinnamon, red fruits and pastry notes are some of the aromas that the smoke gives off. Finally, you will get it right with any of the four formats of the León Jimenes Series 300, whose main secret is an extra ageing of 300 days, from which it takes its name. During the smoke, you can perceive notes of earth, dried fruits, spices and cinnamon, among other notes.

Special packs of cigars, a Christmas gift that will always hit the spot

A Christmas gift that will always hit the spot are our special packs, which already include an assortment of cigars as Christmas gifts:

  • La Aurora 1903 Edition Treasure Box Doble Figurado: six cigars in the Doble Figurado format that only the most experienced cigar makers know how to make. Those artisans with more than 15 years of experience roll a maximum of one hundred units a day. All these cigars undergo at least two years of maturation before they are released onto the market. As well as elegant with their shiny tubes, these very special cigars will delight all palates with their wide range of flavours and aromas.
  • León Jimenes Prestige Assortment: a beautiful black box with three cigars from the Leon Jimenes Prestige line in different sizes: Corona (5 x 38), Robusto (5 x 50) and Churchill.
  • The best of La Aurora: a varied assortment of cigars from different lines. Not only will it please on the outside, but it will make the person you give it to fall in love with the variety of tobaccos and notes of each of the cigars included. La Aurora 100 Años, La Aurora Preferidos Gold Tubo Doble Figurado, La Aurora 107 USA Belicoso, La Aurora Preferidos 1903 Platinum Robusto and La Aurora Hors D’Age Toro.

Rum and coffee, two gifts that excite cigar enthusiasts

And what better Christmas gift for a lover of premium cigars than a good Dominican rum to pair with their smokes. You’ll get it right with our E. León Jimenes 110 Aniversario rum, created to perfectly accompany any type of cigar. A rum made through a unique ten-year ageing process: eight years in virgin American white oak barrels, which give it most of its flavour; and the last two years in virgin French oak casks, which give it roundness and balance.

E. León Jimenes 110 Aniversario

Cigar aficionados also often choose coffee as an accompaniment to their smokes. That is why we also have a coffee, born from our passion for enjoying a good cup of coffee at any time of the day. Our Kora coffee is also the fruit of our commitment to provide a product with the excellence that characterises us. Made from Arabica seeds, roasted and ground to perfection, it is a product made 100% in the Dominican Republic.

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