Cigars to give as gifts this Christmas (Part 1)

Cigarros para Navidad

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It’s the season of surprises and gifts for family and friends, and if there is a lover of premium cigars among them, you can’t miss out on a good cigar among the presents you give them this Christmas. We’re here to help you choose from a selection of cigars, according to the tastes and preferences of your nearest and dearest, to get it right with the gifts this Christmas.

For loved ones who prefer large format cigars (thick and/or long), some of our large vitola cigars to choose from are:

La Aurora Preferidos Hors d’Age

Its format is Gran Toro (6 x 54) and has a strength of 7.5 out of 10. We have invested 12 years in its creation, from the time the seeds of its tobaccos are planted until the cigar is rolled. It consists of a wrapper and binder with Ecuadorian tobaccos and a filler with tobaccos from Colombia, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. It is full of creaminess and incredible aromas.

La Aurora 1495 Series

This cigar  is available in long sizes, such as the Churchill (7 x 47) and Belicoso (6 ¼ x 47). It is a cigar for the avid cigar fan,, with a medium to medium-strong strength. It is made up of six tobaccos from five different countries: Ecuador (wrapper), Brazil (binder) and Valle del Cibao (Dominican Republic), Nicaragua, Brazil and Peru (filler). It has a strength of 8 out of 10. Spicy notes of black pepper, wood, cinnamon, nuts and hints of citrus come through during the smoke.

La Aurora ADN Dominicano

This one is also available in large formats, such as Churchill (7 x 47) and Gran Toro (6 x 58). Its main characteristic is the tobacco resulting from the Andullo process, which gives it strength (8.5 out of 10) and great aroma. Its blend is composed of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic in the wrapper, Cameroon in the binder and from the Dominican Republic, the United States and Nicaragua in the filler.

La Aurora 115 Aniversario

This cigar can be enjoyed in large sizes such as Belicoso (6 ¼ x 52) and Gran Toro (6 x 58). It has a Sumatra grown wrapper from Ecuador, a Brazilian binder and its filler is made up of tobaccos from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Brazil. With a strength of 8 out of 10, this is a cigar that will satisfy even the most demanding palate.

Torcido de La Aurora 115

La Aurora 100 Años

Considered the best Dominican cigar by Cigar Aficionado in 2005,  the La Aurora 100 Años can be enjoyed in large formats, such as Churchill (7 x 47) and Belicoso (6 ¼ x 47). Being of  high strength, it is made exclusively with Dominican tobaccos, which exude notes of wood, leather, nuts and sweet and bitter hints of cocoa.

La Aurora 107 Ecuador

From our Tobaccos of the World collection, La Aurora 107 Ecuador can be given as a gift to lovers of large cigars, as it is available in Salomón (7 ¼ x 52/60) and Gran Toro (7 x 58). Our regular cigar from this anniversary line has a strength of 8 out of 10. Its blend is made with tobaccos from Ecuador (wrapper), Dominican Republic (binder) and Nicaragua, Peru and Dominican Republic (filler). Cocoa, spices and sweet touches are its main flavours throughout the smoke.

La Aurora 107 USA

From the same line as the previous one, the Tabacos del Mundo line, it is in Gran Toro (7 x 58) and Belicoso (6 ¼ x 52). With the same strength as the 107 Ecuador, its wrapper comes from the United States, its binder from the Cibao Valley (Dominican Republic) and its filler from the Cibao Valley, Nicaragua and Peru. While its main notes are woody and spicy, it also exudes sweet, toasted and nutty flavours.

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua

The La Aurora 107 Nicaragua is also available in large sizes: Churchill (7 x 47) and Belicoso (6 1/4 x 52). With tobacco of Nicaraguan origin and the craftsmanship of the oldest Dominican factory in the Dominican Republic, it has a strength of 8.5 out of 10. A range of spicy notes, hints of leather, earthy, woody and floral flavours and touches of liquorice and nutty notes are present during the smoke.

La Aurora 107 Nicaragua

La Aurora Cameroon 1903

From our Original Blends line, this cigar  is produced in long formats such as the Churchill (7 x 47) – available  in aluminium tube or tubeless -, or thicker formats, such as Belicoso (6 ¼ x 52) and Gran Toro (6 x 58). Slightly milder than the previous ones (6 out of 10), it is a pleasant smoke with sweet, spicy flavours such as cinnamon, cocoa, wood and hints of citrus and red fruits. Its wrapper and binder are from Ecuador and the tobaccos that make up its filler are from the Cibao Valley (Dominican Republic) and Nicaragua.

La Aurora Corojo 1962

You also have the option to give our La Aurora Corojo 1962 as a gift in a larger format. For lovers of long cigars it is available in Churchill format (7 x 47) and those who love thick cigars will be happy with its Gran Toro (6 x 58) or Toro (5 ¾ x 54) format. Medium strength like the previous one, it is a smoke with hints of roasted coffee, spices, floral notes, leather, wood, nuts and honey. Its wrapper is Dominican, its binder is from Ecuador and the filler is made up of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

La Aurora Connecticut 1987

For this one, most of its vitolas are large: Churchill (7 x 47), Cetros (6 3/8 x 41) and Gran Toro (6 x 58). It is mild in strength, with flavours of mainly leather and cedar wood, accompanied by notes of cocoa, nuts, cinnamon and red fruits. Its wrapper is Connecticut grown in Ecuador as well as its binder, while its filler is a combination of Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobaccos.

La Aurora Maduro 1985

Like the previous one, most of its formats are long and/or thick (Churchill, Cetros, Gran Toro), but its strength is higher being 8 out of 10. Earthy hints, pepper, almond, dried fruits, dark chocolate, coffee and tropical fruits are the explosion of flavours that this cigar exudes  when smoked.

La Aurora Maduro 1985

La Aurora Stravaganza

This is our largest cigar, being 12 x 50. Its long smoke gives off notes of red fruits and wood, as well as hints of citrus, nuts and coffee. With a strength of 8 out of 10, its blend is similar to that of La Aurora Cameroon 1903: with a wrapper and binder from Ecuador and its filler from the Cibao Valley.

Guillermo León

What better cigar to give as a Christmas gift than the one smoked daily by the president of La Aurora, Guillermo Léon. It’s available in many sizes, including several large ones: Belicoso (6 ¼ x 52), Gran Toro (6 x 58) and Corona Gorda (6 x 47) – the personal favourite of La Aurora’s president. The secret of this cigar lies in its double wrapper with tobacco from the Cibao Valley (Dominican Republic), which gives it strength, and from Cameroon (Africa), which gives it sweetness. The other tobaccos that make up this cigar are a binder from Ecuador and a filler with Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian tobaccos. Pepper, leather and cedar are notes that stand out during its smoke.

Fernando León

The cigar that Don Guillermo’s father, Fernando León, devised exclusively for his family and close friends can also be enjoyed by lovers of larger vitolas, such as the Belicoso (6 ¼ x 52), the Gran Toro (6 x 58) and the Corona Gorda (6 x 47). With a blend of Dominican tobaccos in its three parts, plus Brazilian tobacco in the filler, it offers spicy notes, cedar flavour and honey aromas.

León Jimenes

This line of cigars also features thick and/or long vitolas. For example, the Leon Jimenes Connecticut has formats with lengths up to 7 ½ and filler sizes up to 58. It is a smooth smoking cigar, with notes of wood, cocoa and nuts, among others. The León Jimenes Doble Maduro version also has vitolas with these measurements, but its strength is somewhat higher. It has hints of black pepper, tropical fruits, chocolate and nuts. Leon Jimenes Prestige also has large formats, such as the Churchill in a tube or without. Its strength is mild, with flavours of cedar and leather, mainly, accompanied by cocoa and nuts. Churchill and Belicoso are the largest sizes of our León Jimenes Series 300, a cigar that stands out for the extra 300 days of ageing of its tobacco.

These are some of the larger formats we have in our premium cigar portfolio. All of them are great gift options that would make any cigar lover who prefers thicker and longer cigars happy. We will be suggesting other selections in future posts, so stay tuned!

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