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La Aurora Hors D’Age, very well valued

Again, one of our cigars receives a good review and a good score in a [...]

Manuel Inoa: “Tobacco is a part of me”

Passion for cigars. This is the confession of La Aurora master blender, Manuel Inoa, when [...]


The type of lighter is key to a good cigar lighting

When smoking a cigar, choosing a good device to light it is key. It’s important [...]

What types of cigars are there?

In the cigar world, we can expect to hear an array of names when referring [...]

La Aurora Maduro 1985, last release of the Original Blends line

La Aurora has created a new a new cigar in its Original Blends line. It [...]

Great interest in La Aurora 107 Zeppelin

The press has welcomed the launch of La Aurora 107 Zeppelin with great interest. Numerous [...]

How cutting the cigar?

A crucial step in enjoying a cigar is the cut. A well-made cigar can be [...]

The required tools for rolling a cigar

Rolling a cigar is all about the hand-crafted art. Perfection requires years of expertise, skill, [...]


La Aurora presents La Aurora 107 Zeppelin

La Aurora Cigars has created a new format for its La Aurora 107 cigar: Zeppelin. [...]