Carlos Peña: “Working for La Aurora is like working for my family”

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Each and every one of the people who work at La Aurora are important, therefore, their opinions are very relevant. On this occasion, the Warehouse Supervisor of the company, Carlos Peña, explains in this video what it means for him to work in such a familiar company. Among its explanations, he also invites lovers of quality cigars and made with care to consume our cigars.

“To say that I work for La Aurora is like saying that I work for my own family because you can consider a company exactly that after working together for 21 years. Also, what it shows you is that this company was born as a family and continues as a family tradition”, explains Carlos Peña in this video.

Therefore, he advises: “To anyone that loves cigars, quality tobacco, quality production, cigars made with care with traditional family values, take a look at La Aurora cigars made here in the Dominican Republic. La Aurora Factory Cigars since 1903”.

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