A worker from La Aurora, awarded by ProCigar

Marilín Caba, awarded by ProCigar

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A worker from La Aurora has been chosen to benefit from the ‘A home for my family’ programme, sponsored by the Association of Cigar Producers of the Dominican Republic (ProCigar).This is Marilín Caba, a worker in the machining area for almost 10 years. This initiative aims to repair or build the house of the person selected by the organization.

The scheme specifically involves the restructuring of real estate of those employees of ProCigar member companies, who live in difficult conditions. It is based on a predetermined proposal made by a team commissioned and designated by the Association, and attached to a defined budget, as established in the ProCigar programme.

Marilín Caba, a widow with two children

On 8thApril, 2020, 42 year-old Marilín Caba, will have worked in the company for 10 years. She lives with her mother and two children; a 21 year-old daughter studying at university and a 12 year-old son who goes to school. Her husband suffered an accident and she was widowed while she was pregnant with her son.

Caba trabaja en el área de Mecanizados

Upon the death of her husband, she went to live with her mother, who helped her look after the children while she went to work. “I live with my mother and my two children. She has always looked after them while I work. My son was just over two years old when I started my job at La Aurora”, Marilín Caba recalls.

With the ProCigar Award, she can now make one of her dreams come true. “One of my two biggest dreams can now become a reality, that of building my own house”, she says smiling. “Nobody can imagine the goal they are helping me to achieve”, insists the La Aurora employee.

“My other dream is for my daughter to have a career. She is at university studying System Engineering. However, she cannot work and study at the same time, and for this reason, I am making a huge effort to pay for her university”, she explains. Marilín says words cannot describe how she felt when she heard that she had been selected to benefit from the programme. “I feel like I’m floating on air”, she says.

Marilín already owns the land on which to build her house. In fact, she had already begun construction, but she didn’t have enough resources available to continue advancing. “I was going from loan to loan to build my house, to be able to do something every year” she tells us. “I was so overwhelmed that I only wanted to jump and cry. It was such a huge gift“, she says.

Further, her children were also very excited when they heard the news. “They were so happy that they didn’t know what to say. Even my mother was crying. She always said to me don’t worry, God will help you to build your house. I am so thankful to God, La Aurora and ProCigar. They are going to make my dream come true”, she emotionally concludes.

Official announcement of the winner during the ProCigar Festival Gala Dinner

Specifically, the requirements to participate in the ProCigar programme are:

  • To have worked a minimum of 8 years in the company.
  • Live with dependent family members (children or elderly relatives).
  • Have a title deed and / or act of sale of the land where the house will be built or rehabilitated
  • Have commendable behaviour endorsed by the company.
  • Fill in the application form.

The draw to select the winner was held at ProCigar on 12th February, when the worker from La Aurora was selected. The launch of the project was made official during the ProCigar Festival Gala Dinner, when a video was broadcast that allowed the attendees to see Marilín’s reaction when she was told she had won the draw. The construction of her house will begin sometime between March and April.


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