A smoke between women in La Aurora to commemorate Women’s Day

Fumada entre Mujeres

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Women aficionados of premium cigars gathered at a very special meeting at the La Aurora factory to commemorate International Women’s Day.The company’s brand ambassador, Libia Fernández, invited a select group of female cigar lovers.

The event consisted of a visit to the La Aurora factory and a special tasting session. The tour of the facilities was led by our guide, Eugenio Polanco. He illustrated the whole process of premium cigar manufacturing in the oldest factory in the Dominican Republic.

Fumadora en la fábrica

After the tour of the factory, the attendees (women from Santo Domingo and Santiago) enjoyed a tasting with La Aurora’s brand ambassador, Wascar Aracena. During the tasting, they sampled our La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age cigar accompanied by our E. León Jimenes 110 Aniversario rum.

This special event was attended by Josefina Pichardo, commercial director of the magazine ‘Cigarro Dominicano’, who dedicated two pages (28 and 29) of its digital edition number 284 to this smoke between women.

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