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Visit to La Aurora Factory in the framework of the Procigar Festival

The latest edition of the Procigar Festival, held from 18 to 23 February, was once again a wonderful experience for both organizers and attendees, perfectly combining, again, training activities and entertainment. Cigar manufacturers, retailers and consumers enjoyed the opportunity to talk, smoke and spend time together in this annual meeting of the tobacco sector held in the Dominican Republic.

In the festival agenda, along with the gala dinners and the auction in which funds for a nonprofit organization have been collected, attendees were able to visit the most important tobacco plantations and cigar factories in the country. In the case of La Aurora Cigars, the visits to our factory were made on 22 and 23 February, where, besides explaining the whole process of making cigars, there was also a blending seminar.

In these tours around the La Aurora Cigars factory, we must highlight the presence of the former American basketball player Karl Malone, who played 19 seasons in the NBA and won two gold medals in the Olympic Games, among other sports milestones. La Aurora Cigars offered him a basketball signed by over 200 workers of the company involved in his personal project.

“It is for the whole La Aurora team, that will be involved in your personal project, a pleasure to offer you this acknowledgement that symbolizes the passion and joy we all feel for being able to share one of your many hobbies with you”, said the President of La Aurora, Guillermo León, during the basketball award ceremony to Karl Malone.

In the following video, we can see a summary of the factory tours held during the Procigar Festival, where attendees had the opportunity to, among other things, learn at first-hand the manufacturing process of our latest cigar, La Aurora ADN Dominicano—from working the tobacco born of the Andullo process to the rolling of the cigar by torcedores (cigar rollers). You can also see how the basketball award ceremony to Karl Malone went.

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Andullo, a method that impart strength and flavor to tobacco

There is a saying which can be applied to various fields of activity and even to some aspects of life: “if something works, do not change it”. This maxim could be applied to the oldest tobacco-processing method in the Dominican Republic, the Andullo (an-doo-yaw). Inherited from the Dominican ancestors, this handcrafted procedure has survived through the ages due to the superb qualities it imparts to tobacco. Namely, a potent strength and a wonderfully heady aroma.

La Aurora Cigars have picked up on this cultural legacy and applied it to produce one of its latest cigars: La Aurora ADN Dominicano. Only seeds from native Dominican varieties are selected to grow the tobacco plants processed with this method by Aurora Cigars. Likewise, the plots of land where they’re going to be sown are carefully chosen. When the tobacco plants are ready, the Andullo process starts, lasting for one year and going through the following phases:

  • Harvesting: the first six leaves from the bottom of the plant are removed. Only the leaves from the upper middle and top of the plant are employed. Those are the leaves that impart the high degree of strength, flavour and aroma found in Andullo
  • Curing: the tobacco leaves are tied up together in bundles or gavillas and sartas are made with ropes stringing them up. Around 55 to 60 bundles are held in every sarta, which ends up being some three meters long. These are hanged up for two weeks in the curing warehouses so that the leaves become more flexible by the time the midrib removal stage comes. In this way, the leaves can be folded with ease to best fit within the cilindrical shape of the Andullo. The tobacco leaves go from green to a yellow hue.
  • Leaf Midrib Removal: the sartas are taken down from their drying slots and the leaves get cleared off 3/4ths of their midrib (the coarser central vein). Then the tobacco is weighed, with the ideal quantity to carry out the Andullo process being around 30 to 32 pounds (13.5 to 14.5 kilograms approx.)
  • Preparation: the tobacco is placed in yaguas – the leaves of the Palma Real, a common palm tree in the Greater Antilles -. The yaguas measure between 1.5 to 2 meters long each and aid the curing and fermentation processes, as they are made of organic material that allows the tobacco to breath.
  • Pressing: the tobacco is placed inside the yagua, which is rolled up around it. Then the pressing stage starts to facilitate fermentation and curing. Once inside, the tobacco is squeezed tight using ropes that go around the yagua This is done at least five times until the tobacco is completely dry. If, at any time during the process the yagua is damaged, then it gets replaced for a new one.
    Around three weeks pass between the first and second pressing. Although, it is possible that the ropes might get untied before that if too much humidity is noticed. Otherwise, the tobacco could end up having stained patches due to excess water. At the time of the second pressing the ongoing fermentation is checked up, as well as the water content and the amount of sap coming from the yagua oils.
    After the second pressing, the yagua is untied and then tied up again once per month until the fifth pressing is done. During this phase the tobacco receives oxygen and starts compacting. The pressings help the curing and fermentation to happen in a homogeneous, uniform way. All these processes take place without generating any heat, they are thoroughly cold processes.
  • Aging: after the last pressing, the aging process begins until the tobacco completely dries up and its flavour and strength qualities become matured. The result is a paste hard to work up, which can be used for chewing, pipe smoking or cigar manufacture.

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Smoking a cigar, a ceremony to enjoy

Smoking a cigar is completely different from smoking a cigarette. Lighting a cigarette in a hurry and consuming it hastily are a long way from the time dedicated to savor a Premium cigar. “The cigar is an enemy of problems and haste. The cigar is the passion of the puff, it’s like falling in love, it’s the closest thing to falling in love because all five senses are used.” This is how the Brand Ambassador of La Aurora, Wascar Aracena, describes how smoking a Premium cigar should be.

And in fact, to fully capture the configuration of a cigar, we must use all five senses:

  • Hearing: To detect the moisture degree and to know whether or not to light the cigar at that moment.
  • Touch: To caress and feel it, in order to verify that there are no bumps, because bumps change the puff.
  • Sight: To see the silky character, the glow, and the veins of the tobacco…
  • Taste: Taste buds detect the sensations that a cigar’s smoke evokes: sweet, salty or bitter notes, and so on.
  • Smell: In addition to the nostrils—where notes and nuances of the cigar are perceived—the true cigar smoker should, at some point, use the retronasal passage (mouth/nose) to allow for identifying the actual strength of the cigar and the aromas in the tobacco.

Once we have ensured there are no damages or imperfections in the cigar, we must perform a 1 to 2-millimeter cut with a suitable tool for the cigar chosen on the first small layer placed by the master cigar roller. Then, the cigar must be put in the mouth to test its draw, in other words, to verify the absorptive capacity it provides (each person has a different absorptive capacity: some like it smooth, others medium-strong), but also to identify what the tobacco is made of. “It’s already talking to us, we can now flavor it”, says Wascar Aracena.

Now is the time to light the foot of the cigar. When the flame combustion is made with gas, we shouldn’t hold it to avoid scorching or overheating the cigar. To secure it, we must rotate the cigar over the flame, to make the tobacco that was once brown or black turn into a bright spot—that’s when we can put it in our mouth. We can gently blow over it to see the embers and make sure it’s burning evenly.

To fully enjoy the cigar, it is important to:

  • Choose wisely where you are going to smoke it—this is relevant when deciding the size and strength of the cigar; and consider the time you have to smoke it, enjoy it and being able to finish it.
  • Keep your hands clean and free from perfume, since this could transfer to the cigar and alter its flavors and aromas.
  • Smoke it from different angles of the mouth to feel all the components, since each part of the tongue detects different flavors: Bitter on the back, acid/sour on the rear sides, bitter notes on the front and sweet on the tip. The center detects the fifth and final flavor discovered, umami.
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First birthday of La Aurora ADN Dominicano

Our cigar La Aurora ADN Dominicano celebrates its first year in the market. From its market launch in February 2017, those who have smoked this cigar have tasted the Andullo tobacco used in its blend. With the use of this hard-to-handle tobacco, La Aurora intended to honor the most ancient tobacco making process, which is a vital part of the Dominican tobacco culture.

This cigar was launched in the market a year ago, in February 2017, in the Dominican Republic. It was later introduced to the North American market in July 2017 during the IPCPR trade show (International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association) held in Las Vegas, USA. It was finally introduced to other markets in the InterTabac trade fair (The International Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories) held in Dortmund, Germany.

The Andullo process results in a tobacco with very peculiar flavor and strength characteristics, unique in cigar manufacturing, since its inspiring strength, aroma and sweetness, combined with a well-balanced mix, all provide for a completely exceptional smoking experience.

Specifically, the La Aurora DNA Dominicano cigar wrapper comes from the Valle del Cibao, the main source of tobacco in the Dominican Republic; the capote (binding leaf) is made with tobacco from Cameroon, Africa, and the filler is composed of tobacco from the famous Valle del Cibao, Pennsylvania (USA), Nicaragua, and Andullo.

La Aurora manufactures and markets this cigar in four different sizes: La Aurora ADN Dominicano Churchill (7 X 47); La Aurora ADN Dominicano Gran Toro (6 X 58); La Aurora ADN Dominicano Robusto (5 X 50) and La Aurora ADN Dominicano Toro (5 3/4 X 54).


Tobacco produced with the Andullo process is extremely special and unique, because it is manufactured from selected seeds of varieties originating in the Dominican Republic and the lands for its cultivation are also selected. From the plant, only the leaves of the mid-high center towards the crowns—which give that degree of strength, aroma and flavor felt in the smoke—are chosen to produce tobacco with the Andullo process.

As for the drying process, these leaves are tied in bundles, or “hands”, and left to dry in drying houses for two weeks. Later, during the destemming stage, three quarters of the central vein of the leaves are removed and they are placed in 1,5 to 2 meters long yaguas—sheaves from the leaves of the Palma Real tree, a plant of the Greater Antilles—where they are cured and fermented.

This is where the tobacco shaping process starts, which consists in rolling the Andullo tobacco in at least five tightening operations. With each tightening, the tobacco receives oxygen and is compacted. This also makes the cure and fermentation (cold) process homogeneous. Then the aging process begins, in which the tobacco dries completely and its characteristics are settled.

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La Aurora brings a Special Edition of cigars and a modern humidor to Procigar

Ever since the Asociación de Fabricantes de Cigarros Dominicanos (Procigar) organized a festival dedicated to cigar lovers for the first time in 2008, La Aurora has never missed the event. In this eleventh edition, taking place between February 18 and 23 in Santiago de los Caballeros, all three scheduled dinners will include one La Aurora cigar plus a Special Edition. In addition, La Aurora will offer an elegant and modern humidor with 182 cigars for the charity raffle.

The Special Edition La Aurora has created for the event consists in 500 ADN Corona Gorda cigars 6 x 47. This cigar is characterized by the inebriating flavor of Andullo—the tobacco used in this process is difficult to work with and is highly exclusive in cigar manufacturing.

Its strength, inebriating aroma and sweetness, combined with a well-balanced mix, provides a completely exceptional smoking experience. In La Aurora ADN Corona Gorda we may highlight the toasted notes of creamy coffee, as well as the chocolate notes, and the spicy notes that linger through the whole smoke.

Another extremely limited edition that La Aurora will present at the Procigar Festival is La Aurora Hors D’Age toro 6 x 54. The expression Hors d’Age means “beyond time” and this is the category that describes the highest quality products and subject to the highest aging where time is the key to reach the ideal level of perfection.

La Aurora cigars are characterized, among other things, by their aging process. With La Aurora Hors d’Age, the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican Republic takes this process to the limit, extra aging them above all others for a minimum of two years in the aging room, in order to achieve a perfectly balanced mix. The time La Aurora invests in the entire process of making this product spans 12 years before it reaches the hands of the end user.

This cigar has a resounding start, when the spicy notes—with a predominance of black pepper—become evident, and then open up to give way to more complex and delicate flavors. The presence of wood is evident throughout the smoke, but it is enriched with nuances of cinnamon, nuts and cocoa that give a very personal touch to this cigar. The long and creamy aftertaste, along with the aforementioned characteristics, make this cigar a true work of art.

Finally, in the Cena de Blanco (White Dinner) taking place in Monumento de Santiago de los Caballeros, La Aurora will deliver La Aurora 1903 Edition Double Barrel Aged (Preferido). This is one of many cigars in our portfolio, but it has never been released in the Dominican Republic. For years, La Aurora has aged the filler and the capote (binding leaf) in 40-year rum barrels used for its super Premium product lines during a minimum of six months.

Now, all tobaccos in this product line are aged for at least a year so that all the cigars are perfectly homogenized within the barrels, highlighting notes and aromas that allow us to enjoy accents of smoked wood and a few notes of nuts, combined with roasted coffee and vanilla notes and an accent of berries, all of which stress the elegance of a cigar with rich notes of honey and an unrivaled creaminess that comes from the cocoa notes, resulting in a medium to high strength cigar.


As every year, La Aurora participates in the most supportive night of the year in the Procigar Festival. On this occasion, we participate with a humidor that is completely different from previous years—modern looking and made of noble materials. The humidor interior is covered with Spanish cedar wood—even the trays and cigar dividers are made of this wood—and the exterior is made of solid walnut wood.

Its satin lacquer finishing is very elegant. In addition, it holds a thermometer and hygrometer—analog temperature and humidity meters, respectively. The finishing details, like hinges and hardware, are metallic and silver bathed.

The cigars inside this elegant humidor from La Aurora are no other than La Aurora Preferidos Doble Barrel Aged Parejo (64 corona cigars, 48 Toro cigars and 70 Robusto cigars, up to a total of 182 cigars). We are certain that smoking each one of them will remind us of this night, the most solidary night of Procigar.

On Thursday 22 and Friday 23, La Aurora will offer a tour around the factory and a seminar on its products in the framework of the festival. Procigar was born in 1992, created by the most traditional and experienced cigar manufacturers in the Dominican Republic, who have partnered to “defend, protect and disclose the good name of the Cigar Country land, the world’s major Premium cigar exporter”.

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La Aurora, Maximum Award of Excellence in Exports of Free Zones

The Dominican Association of Exporters has awarded La Aurora, the Award of Maximum Excellence in Export of Free Zones during the event that took place on the occasion of the thirty-first celebration of the Grand Dinner of the Dominican Exporter.
This is a meeting held every year with the aim of sharing the achievements of the export sector in international markets.
During this event, the association recognized the tobacco company with this award for its outstanding contribution to the development of an export culture in the Dominican Republic, process innovation and constant incorporation of national added value to its products during 2016.
La Aurora is currently the leading cigar factory in the Dominican market. It has a production of great diversity with more than a thousand references and with well-known brands such as La Aurora, León Jimenes, Príncipes, Family Reserve and Imperiales.
La Aurora is present in more than 80 countries worldwide.
Sources within La Aurora have expressed their gratitude and joy for this great recognition and award given by the Dominican Association of Exporters.

La Aurora Reserva 2008

The 2008 harvest was exceptional, and in fact, only the best tobacco leaves were used in the elaboration of those cigars. The cigars that were produced have been aged since then at La Aurora’s aging room where, during all this time, they have acquired exquisite wooden aromas.


La Aurora Dominican DNA

As it was announced in February, La Aurora ADN Dominicano (La Aurora Dominican DNA) is one of the latest releases of La Aurora. Using this type of tobacco, La Aurora pays tribute to the oldest Dominican tobacco process.


La Aurora IPCPR 2017


La Aurora continues launching three new formats without tube in each of the 7 blends of the “La Aurora 1903 Edition” line, also known as Preferidos.
The fact of not having a tube also gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy one of the best cigars in the world at a much more affordable price than in the past. Those are the new introductions:

La Aurora 1903 Edition Cameroon.

La Aurora 1903 Edition Corojo


La Aurora 1903 Edition Maduro


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La Aurora launches for the first time in its history, Coffee “La Aurora”

100% Dominican. La Aurora has launched this very nice coffee cultivated in the highest mountains. Café La Aurora is a monocotyledon coffee result of a mutation occurring inside the coffee cherries; that´s how it´s authentic and differing flavors become a concentrated mixture of the two grains in one. A blend of honey and salt, the sweet and the sour; a light pronounced aroma, with a fragance of ripe wild berries and a unique acidity and very penetrating sweetness, becoming a full body drink that wont´be indifferent to you. This coffee will be the perfect pairing for any of our cigars.